vAT - Segmentation & Planning
It is not quite possible for the drug companies to reach all physicians who determine the market of Turkey regarding their products, and conduct promotional activities. At this point, segmentation and target identification is important for result-oriented activities. vAT for Pharma assists physicians to determine their priorities according to different parameters on the basis of presented products, while they also place visit plan recommendations according to this segmentation. With these data, which assist creating monthly visit plans on sales representative basis, the monthly plans can be prepared in a fast and practical way as target oriented.

vAT for Pharma has a structure that allows for detailed planning of physician potentials on product and product group basis. Instead of defining manual potential with subjective evaluations, potential is determined according to the data on detail basis. The potentials are determined with the weighted scoring of nearly ten parameters that are arranged by field managers and identified for each physician and product, and the physicians are placed on the potential matrix which is used in the sector. The parameters that determine the physician’s potential on product basis are continuously updated by the sales representatives under the light of the visits performed and the information received from the field (pharmacies, etc.)

The conduct of weekly and monthly schedules in sectoral software is a point which takes time of promotion representatives and on which they complain. With vAT for Pharma, creating monthly schedules takes just a couple of minutes. By means of the recommended draft schedules which are prepared by considering physician potentials, monthly schedules are created in a very short time; and the monthly schedule can be clarified only with minor changes related with the month for which they are created. Owing to this structure which provides a high labor and time saving, all sales representatives can conduct their studies according to their monthly plans in line with their objectives.