vAT- Field Database
This is a medical sector-specific database with the up-to-date data of nearly 100,000 physicians, over 11,000 medical units synchronized with 1001 brick structure in overall Turkey, as well as over the data of 25,000 pharmacies which are required for planning the target-oriented sales activities.

The pharmaceutical market of Turkey is determined by the products preferred by nearly one hundred thousand physicians during the treatment stage. Pharmaceutical companies conduct indirect marketing activities by communicating the physicians, who determine the market, the promotion of their products and which results they provide in which indications. Having correct and up-to-date on the factors such as the health units in overall Turkey, the physicians who work at these units and the areas of specialization is critically important for pharmaceutical companies in planning and conducting their field sales activities in an efficient and result-oriented manner.

vAT for Pharma Field Database is a readily-available data bank which is synchronized with the 1001 brick structure spread in overall Turkey and where the detailed records of physicians, health units and pharmacies are kept.

The up-to-datedness and details of the Field Database data are the fundamental points which make these data valuable and meaningful. Having up-to-date information on rapidly opening new medical units and the physicians who work there is possible with the strict and controlled follow up of the changes informed by the field sales representatives who are spread in overall Turkey. Following the cross controls and approval of the related managers, updates on vAT for Pharma database are made day by day. The updated physician and unit data are automatically communicated to the field sales representatives and their managers by e-mail and intrasystem announcements.

Another important component of the Field Database is the sales force management where your own field sales group and the groups of pharmaceuticals for which they are responsible – the brick structures are defined. With flexible product and sales group definitions, vAT for Pharma facilities the management of both pharmaceutical groups and regional management of the sales groups and responsibility areas with a dynamic structure, and provides flexibility on measuring the target and realizations.