vAT - Expense Management
This is a web-based expense management system which enables transmitting the expenses performed on behalf of the company by the field sales representatives who are acting on a wide geographical area and the regional office to the center in a swift and controlled manner; transferring them automatically to ERP system after receiving the required approvals, and assisting to making the payments on time.

The expenditure of the sales representative and regional offices are classified under different expenditure categories; and they are entered with the explanations and document numbers. Expense approval mechanisms can be defined flexibly on the system by taking into consideration the expense item and managerial reporting chain. After the expense entry is completed, approval requests are communicated to the related managers in electronic environment; if desired, e-mail notifications can also be sent.

After the physical comparison and check of the approved expense lists with the expenditure documents which are periodically sent to the headquarters, without requiring the accounting department to enter each expense document to the accounting system one by one, their automatic transfers to the used ERP system are realized. This integration performed reduces the loss of manpower and provides time savings. Cost payments should be completed faster and without delay.