vAT - Coaching
This module includes transparently evaluating and reporting the coaching visits, which are conducted for measuring the field visit efficiency and productivity of sales representatives, observing their sales competencies and the reflection of their technical knowledge on site, and for identifying the areas for improvement and taking the required measures.

The effectiveness and evaluation of the physician and pharmacy visits performed by various levels of managers with their sales representatives can be effectively managed with vAT for Pharma. The areas of knowledge and the evaluation criteria under these knowledge areas which are to be evaluated during the coaching visits can be customized for the company, and their weights in the total visit evaluation can be parametrically defined. At which physician and pharmacy, and when the coaching visit is realized, and the evaluation by the manager afterwards are monitored by the sales representatives, interactively reciprocal notes and comments can be added, the areas for improvement can be identified and the required action plans can be established.

The results of the individual coaching visits of each sales representative can be consolidated and reported on sales group and region basis, the areas for improvement on group basis can be identified and comparative evaluation reports among sales representatives can be obtained.

With vAT for Pharma the follow up, observation and evaluation of field sales operations is being conducted in an interactive and transparent manner with the participation of the managers and field sales representatives.