vAT - Analysis and Reports
vAT for Pharma analyses and reports have been developed by considering sector requirements and result oriented thinking and comparisons; with the guidance of the professionals who have industrial expertise. These are the management reports which contain cross-checks of the summary data for receiving action in field managers’ target and strategy evaluations instead of tens of separate reports to report the entered data.

For example, with a single report; the target can be inspected on the basis of the details of realized sale and visit results. In these reports, which also include IMS data, all activities performed by a sales representative and their reflection towards sales can be monitored on a single screen. This report assists watching the effect of the activity planning conducted by the sales representative on the sales. By suggesting cause and effect relations, it allows for reflecting positive results on the areas for improvement.

In a similar fashion, visit reports which contain chronologically all physician/pharmacy visits planned and realized by the sales representative on a monthly basis, and the times allocated for products during the visit, the materials used in the studies performed, and the reasons of the visits that have not been realized can be examined. So, the results obtained from the sales of the products can be associated with the conducted studies.

Examples to the reports designed in a similar structure:
• Target, Realized Sales and Visit Result
• Sales Representative Visit Detail
• Visit Report According to Brick
• Visit/Physician Report According to Visit Type
• Daily Average Number of Visitors
• Sales Representative Visit/Physician Planned-Realized Number
• Sales Representative Visit According to Product /Physician Percentage
• Visit According to Specialization/Physician Percentage
• Target Product Physician Number