vAT E-Mail and SMS Services
vAT for Pharma users can be immediately informed about all changes on the system by e-mail or SMS. Desired notification e-mails with completely customizable content are automatically sent when any physician information updates or pharmacy order changes occur.
The structure of vAT for Pharma enables field sales representatives and managers to be in interactive communication. The changes are sent to e-mail boxes without requiring the related users to continuously check the system. When new physician information is entered, when the Pharmacy order detail is updated, the summary notification e-mails which contain modification summary of assignments are automatically sent. The content of the notification e-mails with completely configurable structure, mails are filled in by the system. The notification e-mails to be activated or inactivated on field sales representative or manager basis can be parametrically defined.

The system has an endocentric messaging feature to release common user announcement. When there is a person-specific or bulk message, announcement or notification that you wish to communicate all users, you can release this notification to hundreds of field sales representatives at once.

SMS warning mechanisms can also be used for the field sales representatives or managers who are continuously travelling. Under which conditions to send the SMS messages that are communicated by our contracted service providers who realize batch SMS delivery can also be parametrically defined. So, the users are informed of the changes without losing time, regardless of where they are.

To summarize, all modern communication channels are used by vAT for Pharma to inform the field sales representatives or their managers.