vSRM Retail Vertical Supplier Relations Management Platform
    for National and Local Market Chains
                            Technology Markets
                                                       DIY Markets

    ready to use Supplier Portal with retail Logistics-specific applications, where you can join to our Platform...  

  • "vSRM is a flexible, fast, expandable, low-cost and innovative platform. These are indispensable features for a successful business application. I also care ITG’s solution-oriented, dynamic and professional approach at least as much. The continuous support provided by ITG to our suppliers and us greatly increases the value vSRM adds into our business."

    Orkun SÜER – Information Technologies Manager / Koçtaş A.Ş

  • "For us, vSRM is a tool which aims to increase quality in the supply management and supply chain. The suppliers can download order data in different formats (EDI, XML, csv) in order to transfer the orders to their own systems through vSRM without requiring manual intervention if they wish, and even only with this property, vSRM offers a value added to the suppliers beyond their expectations."

    Erdem ÖZCAN – Supply Chain Manager / Koçtaş A.Ş.

Retail logistics covers all stages from a product’s departure from the manufacturer to all stages until it meets the consumer. Effective and efficient planning, application and controlling of retail supply chain information flow is critically important for ensuring customer satisfaction and minimizing logistics costs.

For the delivery of thousands of products with high circulation supplied from the suppliers in different regions to different sales points on time and with minimum cost, and for offering them with competitive prices; the utilization of an interactive supply chain application which covers all components of the supply process such as the supplier, logistics company, distribution center and sales points is essential for competitiveness.

vSRM Retail Industry Supplier Relationship Management Platform has been developed for this purpose as a platform which can serve with SaaS (Software as a Service) model, which includes the requirements of the Retail logistics, in which local and international chain markets, technology markets and DIY markets may join without any software and equipment cost.

On the system where the entire flow of information regarding the purchasing operations can be managed together with the suppliers, and where the material logistics can be monitored by the suppliers, the sales and stock reports on market basis can be presented to the suppliers.

vSRM Retail Platform offers;

•  Online submission of the purchase orders
•  Supplier Price Management
•  Ramp Reservation System
•  VMI ( Vendor Managed Inventory) automatic stock replenishment applications
•  Milkrun –Material Collection Applications
•  EDI (Electronic Data Transfer)
•  Market-Based Inventory & Sales Reports
•  Electronic Dispatch Note
•  Barcoded Shipment Labels
•  Financial Information Sharing
•  Supplier Performance
•  Supplier Questionnaires and Announcements
•  Proactive notification services (e-mail / SMS)