vSRM Automotive Vertical Supplier Relations Management Platform
  • "We see that this system provides a serious efficiency increase, and this process which begins with Otokar is rapidly becoming widespread, and is being used by many companies in the automotive industry. The basic factor that enables such a fast proliferation of vSRM is the users’ satisfaction. I believe that this number will increase further as the users give reference."

    Can Sevinç – Information Technologies Manager/ Otokar A.Ş.

  • "The fact that vSRM does not burden any infrastructural or installation costs to us is a very important Advantage. It is a completely web-based and hosted system. Besides, it includes special supply processes of the automotive industry. After building the connection, you can comfortably enable the system in only a few days. Sometimes, some people ask us “Why did you prefer this system?” And we say, “There is no reason for not using the system after seeing it.”

    Jon Ortaç – IT Manager/Magna Seating Türkiye

  • "vSRM is not just an environment in which we share our order and supply plans. It is an environment in which we conduct our entire communication with our suppliers. For example via vSRM, the reports related with the Quality directly reflect from Otokar to the screen of the related person on the opposite side via vSRM. I have to mention that we have a serious workload and time advantage with vSRM. Even, certain supplier companies demand using vSRM as soon as they begin working with us."

    M. Cenkmen KEÇECİ – Planning Manager / Otokar A.Ş.

  • "Although we were performing JIT Production. Before vSRM, our Supply process was not supporting it. We were obliged to keep stock and we were unable to use JIT and e-Kanban. The highest contribution of vSRM is in the on-line transmission of the orders to the suppliers, and our passage to e-Kanban and JIT applications on our Supply process."

    Arsun KUTUR – Purchasing and Logistics Manager /Magna Seating Türkiye

  • “Müşterilerimiz bize günlük olarak sipariş bilgilerini geçebilirken, biz vSRM öncesinde bu çalışma tarzını tedarikçilerimizle iletişimimize yansıtamıyorduk. ERP platformumuzun yarattığı sipariş bilgisini haftada bir kez geçebiliyorduk. vSRM ile müşterilerimizin iş yapma anlayışın tedarikçi ekosistemimize kazandırdık. Değişiklikleri hızla işleyerek tedarikçilerimize yansıtabildiğimiz, müşteri memnuniyetine hizmet eden verimli bir yapıya kavuştuk”

    Tülay Hacıoğlu ŞENGÜL-Satınalma Müd. / Rollmech

Automotive industry is a pioneering industry in which many new production methods and supply chain applications first occurred and implemented due to its peculiar mode of operation. In order to implement sector-specific supplier chain methods, Original Equipment manufacturers (OEM) use supplier portals that enable sharing information with their suppliers rapidly, without interrupting the supply process at the time of changes in supply schedules.

vSRM Automotive Platform is a platform that services with SaaS model, which has been developed to offer a solution to the companies that currently lack a supplier portal for managing the dynamic supply processes of the automotive industry.

vSRM Automotive Platform is a sectoral platform that enables having an operating Supplier portal which works in interaction with ERP systems to increase the efficiency of supply processes and to implement the advanced level of supply management, which is implemented in the sector, and which does not require individual investment of funds, time and effort of the companies.

Our sectoral platform, which is used by many companies and thousands of suppliers acting in the automotive industry, continues growing and expanding everyday with new participants.
vSRM Automotive Platform Offers;

•  Online submission of the Purchase orders
•  Online submission o Supplier Schedules
•  VMI ( Vendor Managed Inventory) automatic stock replenishment applications
•  E-Kanban
•  Milkrun Applications
•  Synchronized Production (Build to Order)
•  EDI (Electronic Data Transfer)
•  Electronic Dispatch Note-Invoice
•  Technical Drawing and Information Sharing
•  Barcoded Shipment Labels
•  Financial Information Sharing
•  Proactive notification services (e-mail / SMS)
•  Supplier Performance
•  Supplier Questionnaires and Announcements