Installation and Operating Services
We provide services on the installation of our vSRM platform and vAT for Pharma products and their operation in the aftermath. These services include

For vSRM Platform;

•  Identification and configuration of supply chain requirements,
•  Ensuring ERP system integrations for the vSRM modules to be used.
•  Activation of the system with sample suppliers, pilot operation.
•  Organization of the launch of vSRM Platform for all suppliers together with our client, provision of mass supplier training.
•  Organization of the activities for expanding vSRM use among suppliers.
•  Providing support desk services to the suppliers on behalf of our client.
•  Satisfying special requests of our customers and suppliers.

For our vAT for Pharma product;

•  Installation, activation and expansion of field sales system.
•  Provision of mass training to field sales representatives,
•  Providing support desk services to the sales representatives on behalf of our client.
•  Provision of validation services and keeping the client’s database continuously updated in accordance with the notifications received   from field and other similar services.